Skull-Like Figure in Limestone

Skull-like Figure in Limestone - Day's Knob Archaeological Site (33GU218)
Above:  In this clearly anthropomorphic figure, note the bird forming the side of the mouth; the back of the bird's head is beneath the figure's nose (which may be an open-beaked bird facing downward), its face looking to the right over the jaw (apparently also a bird).  In the theme recurring throughout the assemblage, the pointed sandstone object in front of the figure's face ab- stractly forms a bird emerging from the mouth.  Below, the theme is repeated in the smaller figure to the left, complete with the pointed sandstone.  These appeared at a depth of about 60 cm (24") below the current ground surface.
Paired Skull-like Figures in Limestone - Day's Knob Archaeological Site (33GU218)

Above:  Possibly significantly, the two figures are facing east in the manner of many Paleolithic burials.

The object in the foreground in front of the smaller figure is a large sandstone abrader contoured for a right-hand fit, possibly used in forming the figures.

Below:  A close-up of the eye, which consists of a bird head image in which  birds emerge from the beak (left corner of the eye); there are other birds, the best visible of which is the one at the right corner.