Bird Spirit in Sandstone

This figure nicely displays the very common Janus-like image of two faces look- ing in opposite directions.  Typically one is more anthropomorphic than the other, with a bird over the forehead.  Below, this theme is repeated on the opposite side of the rock.  The bottom edge of the rock is flattened, allowing the figure to stand firmly upright.  This is one of several pieces microscopically examined by rock art expert Dr. Arsen Faradzhev during a site visit in April 2005 and determined to be the product of human workmanship.

Below:  A close-up of the eye.  As is usually the case, this contains images of its own.
Below:  As is almost always the case with such figures of suitable size, this one is contoured for a comfortable right-hand grasp for use as a tool (whether or not it was actually used as such).

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