This is one of the most prominent themes forming components of what this author has dubbed Primal Imagery, persisting from the Paleolithic in Europe into Middle Woodland at this site, and into modern but traditional Inuit/Yupik iconography.

Standing Limestone Figure - Day's Knob Archaeological Site 

From Day's Knob, a standing limestone "Venus"-like figure with a face emerging from its belly.

The emerging face straight on - weathered but still quite recognizable.

"Venus" Statue - Day's Knob Archaeological Site

Another standing limestone figure with an emerging face, this one with the classic one-eye-open one-eye-closed motif.

For comparison, the same theme in a nineteenth-century Yupik shaman's mask.

The Detroit Institute of Arts

From Day's Knob, a large limestone bird carved and broken to convey an image suggestive of human pregnancy.  Below:  Two crested faces (looking to the right) on the bottom surface of the bird's belly.

A bifrontal/janiform limestone bird figure about 50 cm (20") in length and about 45 cm (18') below the surface.

Apparently the same motif in a stone figure (length 15 cm, 6") from Savona, Italy, 32,000-70,000 years BP.



Limestone Bird Figure - Artifact from Turkey

From Turkey, there is this fine example of the motif - A  limestone bird, height 6 cm (2.4"), with a humanlike face emerging from its belly, lower right corner.

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