Figure Stones in Greece

Evia Island

Laios Palingas Collection



An oyster shell carved in the form of a bird, with four drilled holes.


An obsidian tool in the form of a bird.


An abstractly bird-form pick.


A classic simple "Venus", an anthropomorphic figure (looking to the right), crested (shaman-like), with a rudimentary anthropomorphic face on the belly.

In typical fashion, rotated counterclockwise the figure is bird-like with a face emerging egg-like from the posterior.  Early on, this author discovered the repeated occurrence of this polymorphic/polyiconic theme in the lithic artifacts at 33GU218 in Ohio, naming it the "Bird-Venus", apparently an important motif in a set of these comprising Primal Imagery.  Click to see a big one in Ohio.

Right, a simple pick tool from Evia incorporating the "Venus" motif (would "Aphrodite" be more appropriate here?), and left, a classic Bird-Venus with explicit face detail from the finds of David Stauffenberg in North Carolina, USA.



Another simple "Venus" with an egg-like protrusion at the bottom, presenting a zoomorphic figure (quasi-anthropomorphic fish?) when rotated horizontally.



Left, from Evia, a classic janiform figure, anthropomorphic at one end and zoomorphic at the other (frontal anthropomorphic face here, apparently - rather unusual on figures of this type, as both figures are usually in profile).  Right, the same motif in a sandstone from the Day's Knob site in Ohio.  Below, a close-up of the bird-like face with fairly clear eye and mouth.



Two flat-bottomed zoomorphs of a form created by humans over a very long period of time in different parts of the world.  Compare these with the three shown below:


Left to right:  Day's Knob (Ohio), Charles Belart collection (France), Topper "pre-Clovis" site (South Carolina).

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