Imported Rock

Andesite(?) containing feldspar - volcanic.

Polished left end of andesite(?) rock above.

Gabbro, broken pebble - igneous.

Flint, identified as Vanport.

Metamorphic rock containing at least 80% quartz - split from cobble.

Granite, broken pebble - igneous.

Volcanic Porphyry - Day's Knob Archaeological Site

Volcanic porphyry with orthoclase phenocrysts.

Human Head Figure - Artifact from Day's Knob Archaeological Site

Quartz Sandstone.

Hornfels(?) - metamorphic.

Amphibolite  schist  containing feldspar - metamorphic.

Diabase(?) - igneous.

Diorite - igneous.

Mystery glass - not obsidian, not industrial slag.

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