Skull-Like Figure in Limestone

Limestone Skull Figure - Day's Knob Archaeological Site (33GU218)

Above:  In this clearly anthropomorphic figure, note the diamond-shaped eye common in the imagery at this site.  Also interesting is the symmetrical sharp-tipped sandstone pointing upward parallel to the limestone face.  And, as seen in the photo below, this theme is repeated  in a second, smaller, skull-like figure to the left, also accompanied by a pointed sandstone.  These appeared at a depth of about 60 cm (24") below the current terrain surface, and both face due east.

Paired Skull-like Figures in Limestone - Day's Knob Archaeological Site (33GU218)

The white object in the foreground below the smaller figure appears to be a worn sandstone abrader contoured for a right-hand fit, possibly used in forming the figures?

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