Carved Wood - Day's Knob Site

Carved Wooden Bird - Day's Knob Archaeological Site
Carved Wooden Bird - Day's Knob Archaeological Site

Bird figure - from a depth of approx. 50 cm (20"). Note the face image on both sides.


Diameter 14 mm (0.55")

This stick, buried at about 30 cm (12"), was cleanly cut at a 45 degree angle, apparently with the nearby sharp-edged limestone tools.

Below:  Close-up of decorative or symbolic carving.  (No, these are not rodent gnawings.  This author knows mice all too well, and they are not that organized.)


Below:  Two more buried sticks, notched and decoratively carved.


Below:  Sharp limestone burin, in the characteristic abstract bird form.  This is quite capable of cutting wood.

Below:  Another stick, carved with the typical quasi-human face profile at the left end, the face being framed by two attached leaves.  Perhaps these are analogous to the well known Native American prayer sticks believed to trans- form themselves into birds to carry a prayer to the upper regions.

Below:  A wooden bird figure.


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