Gallery of Zoo-anthropomorphic Face Images

Shown below are just a few of the probably thousands of quasi-human shaman-like face images that appear on lithic and other artifact material at the Day's Knob site.  (Some photos are reversed to point them all in the same direction.)  The usually dis- tinct carving of the eye and mouth with appropriate placement, and (in many cases) an at least abstractly bird-like crest over the forehead, appear so frequently and consistently that the probability of coincidence is extremely small.  Some of these images are skillfully carved and quickly recognized; most are more casual, but the arrangement of the components is the same.  Once aware of it, anyone can see the figure and its resemblance to early Native American shaman imagery.  More such photos will be added to this page as time permits, but images like these appear on many of the artifacts shown on this website.



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