Bird-Human Stargazer in Sandstone - Artifact from 33GU218

Bird-Human Stargazer in Sandstone - Artifact from 33GU218

Bird-Human "Stargazer" in sandstone - artifact from 33GU218 in Ohio.

From approx. 30 cm. (12") beneath current terrain surface.

Uncovering this bird-shaped Figure Stone in 2004, I was startled (although no longer greatly surprised) by the vividly carved human face staring with a rapt expression upward at a 45° angle.   At this site I had, by this time, recognized many less detailed hybrid bird-human images in the stones at this site, and several consistently recurring simple themes in these.  Since then I have included this one in an informal catalog of mainly common and visually recognizable motifs (e.g., creature atop head, creature from mouth, one-eye-open / one-eye-closed, etc.) apparently originating and thought to be important thousands of years ago, their actual meaning by now likely irretrievable.  Unlike most of them, this one seems (to me, anyway) even today intuitively/existentially relatable.

A bit later in 2004 while visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art I encountered the little Cycladic (ca. 5000 years BP) marble statue from Türkiye shown below, appropriately and poignantly called "Stargazer", with her human yet birdlike form and vestigial wings.  (What is she thinking, staring into the heavens and stuck on the ground?)  Immediately recognizing her thematic similarity to the rough-hewn sandstone figure shown above, I decided to name this stone after her, and likewise several others shown below from widely separated locations that I have subsequently encountered personally or in photos.  It's a theme that has covered a lot of territory over a long time...

The Stargazer - Marble Statuette, Cleveland Museum of Art

The Stargazer - Marble Statuette, height 17.2 cm (6.77").

From Türkiye, ca. 5000 years BP.

Cleveland Museum of Art


Australian Sandstone Stargazer - Figure Stone Artifact

Australian Sandstone Stargazer, NSW Bushland.

Found by author in 2006.

Australian Sandstone Stargazer - Figure Stone Artifact


Ragee Birdman - Inuit Sculpture

"Birdman Calling" - Modern but traditional Inuit sculpture.

Artist Turaq Ragee.


German Flint Stargazer - Figure Stone Artifact from Groß Pampau

German flint Stargazer -  in glacial till at Groß Pampau.

Likely Middle Palaeolithic.

Ursel Benekendorff collection, photos by Alan Day in 2015.

Reverse side of figure, showing clear parallel flaking scars.


German Sandstonet Stargazer - Figure Stone Artifact from Groß Pampau     German Flint Stargazer - Figure Stone Artifact from Groß Pampau

Smaller Stargazers from Groß Pampau, sandstone and flint.


Limestone Stargazer from 33GU218 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Iron oxide (red ochre) paste and decorative specks of a material of not-yet-determined composition.


Limestone Stargazer - Figure Stone Artifact from Missouri

Limestone Stargazer from 23JP1222, southwestern Missouri.

Stacy Dodd find.


Flint Stargazer - Figure Stone Artifact from Watford, England

Flint Stargazer from Watford, England.

(Richard Wilson find in glacial tiil.)


Stargazer from Pickaway County, Ohio

Stargazer from Pickaway County, Ohio.

Dave Gillilan Cache


Easter Island Moai statues - also Stargazers?

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Moai statues - also Stargazers?



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