Figure Stones in Turkey

Zarbut Collection


   Limestone Bird Figure - Artifact from Turkey 

"Akbaba" - "Vulture"

A beautiful limestone bird - height 6 cm (2.4").  Note the classic anthropomorphic face - two eyes and a mouth - emerging from the belly (lower right corner), and the flat base so characteristic of well detailed ancient sculptures of this kind.

Below:  Both sides of the figure showing "reflectional symmetry", a hallmark of human workmanship.

Limestone Bird Figure - Artifact from Turkey



"Venus"/Bird Figure - Artifact from Turkey

A sandstone Bird-Venus in the classic form.


"Venus"/Birth-Giving Figure - Artifact from Turkey

An apparently sandstone "Venus" figure, classically and simply in the form of a not necessarily beautiful female sending forth, birth-like, the head/face of another creature.  Note the detail of the faces and buttocks.

"Venus" Figure - Artifact from Turkey    "Venus" Figure - Artifact from Turkey

Another very typical "Venus", height 10cm (4").


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